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At Touchpoint Resource we understand just how difficult, time-consuming and emotionally challenging moving or looking for the right jobs can be, so we do everything we can to assist you in making the process as smooth and painless as possible and at the same time improve your career prospects significantly. Whether you specialise in eCommerce, Online Marketing, Media, Software / Web Development, Sales or Account Management – at Touchpoint Resource we’re here to help you make the right next step.

The first stage is to submit your CV to us

  • Once registered with Touchpoint Resource, you are immediately fast-tracked to a wide selection of some of the most inspiring vacancies in the Digital, Online and eCommerce sectors.
  • We respond by phone or email and as potential opportunities arise, and if necessary will invite you for a meeting with one of the consultants with the most appropriate skills and background to work with you on your career development.
  • This enables us to make a full assessment of you as a person, your strengths and skills, as well as discuss relevant openings.
  • Our registration process also includes advising on the best presentation of your CV, interview techniques and strategic advice on advancing your career. Your details are never forwarded to a client without your agreement.

We have a history of sourcing and recruiting talented candidates we work with and we believe in building long term relationships with you and a high level of dedication (which is why many of our candidates become clients) and we stay in touch with you to ensure we monitor (and can help progress) your career development. We are always discreet, utterly confidential and sensitive to your circumstances. We are also honest, supportive and proactive.


  • We act on behalf of some of the world’s leading Online, Digital, eCommerce, Media and Technology Companies around the UK.
  • We also recruit extensively in Germany and the rest of Europe.
  • We work together with our clients to provide a cohesive, local and international service. We tailor our services to the candidate every bit as much as the client.

Our clients trust us to find and deliver talent, and, as the talent you can trust in our ability to provide career direction, independent advice and a bespoke, professional service which recognises your unique wants and desires. We believe that the management of talent is fundamental to our success as a company, and that our approach separates us from our competitors.

Touchpoint’s consultants are specialists in their market sector. They are able to offer unrivalled insights into employment patterns, growth areas, career opportunities and salary levels. Their objective advice can be hugely beneficial in making long-term career choices.

Interview Advice for Candidates:

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Due to the fact that our Recruitment Consultants see CVs, portfolios and presentations on a daily basis as well as being involved in the interview process with Clients, we have some very valuable experience in these matters and can pass this onto you to help toward preparing for a successful interview. We take the time to prepare all of our candidates with the information and guidance specific to the job opportunity. Here are some very basic pieces of advice that would be helpful in any job interview, but very important nonetheless!

The Four Ps Job Interviews

  • Preparation: Make sure you have fully researched the company’s website; list any questions you may have so you can talk them through with us prior to your interview. We will provide you with all the information we can.
  • Presentation: First impressions are all-important, so make sure you are polished and presentable, in a manner that suits the company’s culture.
  • Punctuality: Leave with plenty of time to arrive at your interview. It is better to arrive early in a calm frame of mind (and go for a coffee, if need be) than late, flustered and in a panic.
  • Portfolio: If you are attending an interview with a strong emphasis on Digital Media prepare a portfolio of your latest projects and demonstrate breadth of digital projects you have been involved with. 

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If you would like to apply to be part of our team, please email Mark Thompson – MD, with a copy of your CV and the five most interesting things about you.


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