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Deep Learning AI Predicts COVID Curveballs

What if we told you technology itself could not just discover cures but also predict the future? What if we told you AI could identify potentially dangerous variants of the very virus that has shut down the entire world? Technology today, through the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, holds the power to prevent and mitigate consequences of a global pandemic.

The German biotech company, BioNTech, responsible for the pioneering science behind the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, have partnered with none other than London-based artificial intelligence (AI) firm, InstaDeep, to develop an early-warning system designed to spot potentially dangerous new variants of COVID-19.

Pandemic Importance

As shown by the widespread chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, novel SARS COVID-19 variants are posing a significant risk to normal functioning of society. Both Delta and Omicron spread and government responses across the globe show how emerging variants are placing recovery in jeopardy. Which is why early detection of dangerous variants is paramount to guide scientists, vaccine developers, researchers and decision makers.

The Groundbreaking Technology

Despite the impressive and record-breaking speed at which a vaccine was found and pushed through to the public, identifying immune-evading, highly transmissible variants is an incredibly time-consuming and resource-intensive task. 

The partnership between the two world-leading companies has, however, led to an artificial intelligent solution which actually can flag high-risk variants, long before human researchers even are aware of its possibility. Forecasting protein structures from just DNA sequences with such advanced computational methods makes analysis at a complexity level beyond the comprehension of a human.

The ability to handle such vast quantities of data by AI opens up possibilities and incredible advantages. It gives human policy makers at the helm precious time to make informed decisions to lead and manage the public through the pandemic.

Why Touchpoint can help you

Powerful computational methods and pioneering minds offer us a path out of the current global pandemic. They provide us with the steps to a future of an intertwined technological and health synergy. At Touchpoint Resource, we place technological experts in roles to enhance and capitalise on their skills and expertise within the AI and Machine Learning arena. 

What power can you harness with a little AI?

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