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Three ways the Great Resignation can help your tech career

Whilst employers face difficulties surrounding the retention of staff thanks to the ‘Great Resignation’, it has presented a unique opportunity for those working in the tech sector. Now more than ever, those in technology are in a position to take full advantage of the ‘candidate economy’.

The ongoing shake-up of the market and demand for top tech talent has meant many are finding themselves at a point in time where the turmoil could be of benefit to their career trajectory, with more options than ever before. So how can the Great Resignation help your career path in technology and how can you find yourself at the top?

1. Maximise your negotiating power

Now is a candidates’ market; it is the time to maximise your negotiating power and get ahead in your technology career. The tech industry is screaming for tech talent, with a talent shortage in the industry being seen as the most ‘significant adoption barrier to 64% of emerging technologies’ according to a survey from Gartner, Inc. As you already know you are in high demand, maximise your worth to your existing or future employers by highlighting any projects you have made an impact on or your technological aptitude or results. This could work to your advantage in pay or promotion negotiations.

As we near the end of 2021, now is also the time to assess your market value with pay reviews and performance reviews looming. Consider looking at competitors’ salaries for your job role to understand where you sit in relation. If you are undervalued at your company, then you are in a great position to ask for an increase in salary or at least renegotiate other forms of reimbursements like training. The power truly is in your hands.

2. Look at companies outside your geographical remit.

Remote working and the pandemic has adjusted our expectations of what we can expect from companies. The technology sector particularly can operate and function remotely in many cases. The Great Resignation may work in favour of your tech career, enabling you to choose companies that are outside the traditional geographical commuting boundaries, and offer the flexibility you desire or the technological challenge you are burning to take on.

As a skilled tech worker able to work online, you are no longer constrained by typical geo boundaries; with such a talent shortage, your ability to apply for jobs across the world becomes even easier. Consider relocating to a dream destination, or even do the maths of somewhere with a lower cost of living or better quality of life. Just make sure the jobs you are applying for are able to cater for complete flexibility on your terms before applying.

3. Use a recruitment agency to help fight your corner.

The Great Resignation has meant the candidate market is hot. The positions available could really benefit you in your career progression, but only if you can find the right roles at the right companies. Consider touching base with a recruitment agency like Touchpoint Resource to find your perfect fit.

With decades of experience placing top tech talent within companies, Touchpoint Resource helps match technological prowess, cultural fits and ensures competitive salaries. Whilst the Great Resignation is posing problems for those hiring, it is also by default, creating the Great Hire as people shift from quitting one job, to starting a new one.

Take full advantage of the Great Resignation to progress in your chosen tech career and find the best opportunities on the market with Touchpoint Resource.

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