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How to recruit innovative tech talent

Hiring employees in the tech sphere is undoubtedly a challenge for most. You want to find someone innovative, creative, and someone who is willing to take on a challenge. Building a solid understanding of how to acquire tech talent therefore is critical.

To hire innovative tech talent, it’s no longer about the big names or even the biggest salary. Innovative talent generally seeks more, looking at other values that align with theirs – flexibility, career progression and authenticity to name but a few.

So how can you hire more innovative employees in the tech sector?

1) Encourage risk taking

Innovative thinking doesn’t come from a sterile, ordered environment. Innovative thinking in technology stems from an environment that fuels tech creativity, without fear of retribution and failure. If your business can consistently offer creative time in a safe environment, in which risk-taking is not only accepted but encouraged, you are likely to foster a work environment that attracts innovative thinkers and sets a spark of a fire alight in your current employees. Set aside a certain amount of time for your employees where they can freely work on projects they’re passionate about, and see the ideas flow before you.

2) Promote diversity in thought and opinion and look for someone happy to speak up

Innovation at its heart is a series of messy decisions. Ideas need to be challenged and questioned to be refined, which is why hiring the most agreeable candidate in the room might not be the best way forward. Groupthink (and lack of a challenge) is the path to the death of imagination. Encourage different perspectives from all team members to work out how best to get the tech working harder, or to think of a new way of thinking that will transform your business.

3) Promote development and career progression

75% of developers alone (let alone other tech talent) said they learn a new technology at least every few months, demonstrating how in an age of continuous technological developments, constant learning and self-development is critical for retaining and attracting talent. Having the opportunity to learn new skills, embrace new technology and be inspired by creative thinking is a sure-fire way to create a generation of innovative workers.

4) Allow and support flexible and remote working

In a post-covid era, in a time where tech talent demand far outweighs the tech talent supply, businesses need to offer a fully flexible and hybrid future for their employees. In fact 44% of typical developers want a flexible schedule and a third want remote work options. Rather than offering beer on Fridays, embrace and support remote working and flexible work. Not only will this unlock geographically diverse hires from across the world, it creates a culture that supports a tech future and offers your team autonomy, choosing when works best for them. As data and IT and processes evolve, so must your business. With all the tech around, remote working has never been more accessible nor desired by employees.

5) Hire right and invest in the right hiring tools

Attracting the right tech talent for your business can be overwhelmingly complex, and sometimes it might feel like you will never find the perfect fit. Touchpoint Recruitment takes the sting out of the process, helping to find the candidate you’ve been searching for. We have a large network, which is continuously growing, to identify and place talent where they can thrive, and where they can make the difference.

Ultimately, to succeed in hiring innovative tech talent, you should encourage risk taking, promote diversity in thoughts and opinion, encourage professional learning opportunities, provide the flexibility in both hours and remote work options and finally, look to the experts who place the innovative tech talent you’ve been searching for.

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