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What skills are needed for a career in SaaS?

Skills Needed For SaaS

It’s undeniable that the tech industry has a momentum of its own, growing exponentially at a pace businesses sometimes struggle to keep up with! For this reason, it is increasingly attractive for those seeking new challenges and jobs at all levels.

In an almost unrecognisable world since the pandemic, Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a vital pillar of business models across the globe. The SaaS industry was propelled to the forefront of the business priorities list, with a critical role in the adoption of cloud-based computing, software and other integrations.

A mandate for working at home and a flexibility required on an unprecedented scale means business today can barely function without a digital edge. This has pushed the timeframes of adoption of SaaS up the scale of priority for many businesses; in turn, increasing demand for talent of SaaS professionals.

So what skills should you be looking at acquiring or polishing in order to enhance your career prospects in the SaaS sphere?

Whether you’re technical or not, there are many careers you can look for in the SaaS sphere. The skill set you look to hone may vary depending on what you are interested in.

If you’re looking to get into the technical side of things in the SaaS world:

1. Knowledge of programming languages

You should be familiar with at least one, if not more, programming languages in order to progress in the SaaS industry. To be skilled and proficient with knowledge of Java, Python, PHP or Linux, are all in-demand by employers. Such knowledge is critical for keeping digital functionality and business operational in the SaaS sphere.

2. Cloud computing skills

Recruitment is hot for those with a more specialised set of skills in the SaaS industry. Due to the rocketing demand of cloud computing, skillsets in data migration and security of such data are becoming increasingly valuable.

If you’re looking for other non-technical roles within the SaaS sphere:

1. Critical thinking

Being able to use logic and reasoning in the application of SaaS is key to resolving problems that businesses face, such as those in the realms of security, storage and performance. SaaS is an evolving industry, one that faces many challenges on a daily basis, and being able to transfer previous knowledge, experience with critical thinking will put SaaS specialists ahead of the crowd.

1. Communication skills

Critically, companies in the SaaS sector are looking for those able to communicate effectively to stakeholders. SaaS industries can be a minefield of niche jargon, and being able to communicate and help those less technically-competent to understand the benefits, drawbacks and choices between cloud platforms is vital. You are likely to be making daily adaptations for the sake of progress in your systems and software, so being able to communicate such changes is key to smooth running.


Whether you’re looking to master the technical or if you’re looking for a less-technical but just as interesting role in the SaaS industry, the above skills place you in good stead in the SaaS industry. They ensure you have the foundations to go forth and innovate, disrupt and master the SaaS sphere in any company you choose.

A mandate for working at home and flexibility required on an unprecedented scale means business today can barely function without a digital edge. Touchpoint Resource can help companies find the skilled talent needed to support SaaS businesses across the globe and can find SaaS candidates the opportunities in companies they are looking for.

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