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Three ingenious ways to trick yourself into Coding

Whether it’s programming an app, or putting together a simple smartphone game, for those with no background in coding or development it can seem a little daunting or even tedious. But what if I were to tell you that there was an easier way to learn the basics? What if you could trick yourself into enjoying coding?

Below are three ways that I have managed to keep sane while giving development a whirl:

  1. The Kano

    If you’ve tried your hand at coding or trawled through the many faq guides, then chances are you have come across the term ‘Raspberry Pi’. While the company markets itself as a tiny, programmable and accessible computer chip, if you’ve tinkered with it chances are that you’ve noticed it is far from user friendly. Enter Kano, same premise just far more forgiving and enjoyable to use which promises to make coding child’s play (quite literally as it’s aimed at ages 6 and up)

    Price: £29.99 and up!

  2. Build a game

    This one’s pretty self explanatory, what better way to learn than to set your self a goal. In this case the goal is 7 minutes. While it may sound ambitious, seven whole minutes is all it takes to play around with programming to build a simple and interactive game!

    Free! All it costs is Seven minutes of your time.

  3. CodeAcademy

    Featuring HTML, Java and many more!

    A few weeks back we introduced you to the interactive language learning format of Duolingo, which attempts to teach you through a chapter by chapter basis. No what if we were to apply that concept to coding? That’s where CodeAcademy comes in. It’s easy, free* and lets you learn through following screen prompts and problem solving style exercises which gets more challenging as your skill progresses

    Price: * It follows a freemium model. The basics are free, any extras tend to cost!

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