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Sales and Marketing jobs leading the way…

With the job market improving slightly it seems businesses are eager to boost awareness and sales – the latest stats are showing sales & marketing is to be the hiring hot spot for professional and managerial-level staff across the globe, with IT also looking strong. A leading recruitment company, Antal International, carried out research asking 9,923 line managers and HR managers in 47 countries what they were hiring in management and professional level position over the coming months.

The report highlighted that sales & marketing was the one where strongest hiring was expected at:

  • 63% of firms in Western Europe
  • 47% of firms in the Middle East
  • 39% of firms in the Americas
  • 37% of firms in Asia-Pacific
  • 29% of firms in Africa
  • 21% of firms in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

IT technical and IT support was also the second most likely place for hiring across the Middle East, Africa and the two European regions, with engineering & production in third place.

In the Americas, IT was third, behind engineering & production, while Asia-Pacific’s second and third most prolific hiring disciplines were logistics, and engineer & production. These are important stats to hopefully guide our future candidates into useful educational paths and a positive for markets as within an influx of marketing campaigns and sales forces this can build a more stable platform for organisations.

Touchpoint Resource specialise in recruitment for Digital Marketing and eCommerce roles – covering sales, marketing, developers and C-Level management.

(Report by Antal International)

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