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It is a simple fact that the best companies have the best people leading them. Nowhere is that more true than the ever-changing environment of the digital and ecommerce space.

  • Founders / Co-Founders
  • CEO / GM / MD
  • CMO / VP Marketing
  • VP Sales / Business Development
  • CTO / VP Enginering
  • CPO / Director of Product
  • COO / Operations Director
  • Chief Information Officer

At Touchpoint, we know how crucial it is that the best leaders the world has to offer are in the roles that are most suited to them, and we are dedicated to making these matches happen.

Whether you’re a C-level candidate, or a company looking for the perfect person to drive you forward, we would love to hear from you and to help you make that next step a reality.

Contact Mark Thompson (MD) now for advice and help with hiring C-level team members.

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