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The “Intrapreneur” – Real Deal or Wannabee?

As the founder of a small recruitment boutique in the digital space, I consider myself to have some of the qualities of an Entrepreneur, but wouldn’t necessarily call myself one. Whilst not wishing to put the title ‘Entrepreneur’ on a pedestal and make myself sound like a

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What now for Spotify in the music streaming war?

In the news recently you may have observed that Apple have this week launched their subscription based music streaming service ‘Apple Music’.  On the other hand if you own an Apple product and weren’t aware of this already, do not fear.  It was only a matter of

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The rise of the smiley :-) Appropriate for use in business?

With text, email, tweets and ‘likes’ being at the forefront of our communication methods, it’s no surprise that our ‘limited character slang’ and text abbreviations like the smiley are finding their way in to business documents and communication, but is it right and how easily can they

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The ultimate online toolkit for digital creatives

The previous blog in our ultimate online toolkit series catered for coders and those wanting to keep their technical skills up-to-date. In this post, we turn our attention to digital creatives. Online designers need an array of skills to stand out in this competitive industry. In some

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Conferences you must put in your diary for 2014

In our previous blog post, we discussed a number of ways to improve your knowledge and keep your technical skills sharp. This time, we want to get you away from the computer screen and out into the real world. Conferences, expos and shows are excellent places to

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The ultimate online toolkit for keeping your technical skills up-to-date

The digital sector is one of UK’s fastest growing industries and is a major contributor to the economy. It is estimated that 5% of the total UK workforce are employed in the sector, many of them young, bright and ambitious graduates. Entrepreneurial spirit is also strong, with

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Essential tips for using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a networking platform dedicated to professionals. You already know that though. You are also probably aware that it is a fantastic tool for job hunting. With over 225 million members wanting to connect with each other, LinkedIn is the perfect place for networking to progress

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Living in a digital age

Recruitment and any other HR matter can open a can of legal worms. Without knowing what you should and shouldn’t say you can cause an offence at every turn. As an established team of recruiters we are aware of the rules and regulations regarding recruitment, but in

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Sales and Marketing jobs leading the way…

With the job market improving slightly it seems businesses are eager to boost awareness and sales – the latest stats are showing sales & marketing is to be the hiring hot spot for professional and managerial-level staff across the globe, with IT also looking strong. A leading

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Sun still shining as Adobe’s Marketing cloud just gets bigger

Over the past few years data has become ‘the’ word within pretty much all aspects of business but in Marketing terms it is now the key to success. Understanding your data means understanding your clients and with technologies allowing us more and more insight into customer and

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