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Brains, language, and why AI might still be science fiction

Google’s AlphaGo triumph seemed to herald an artificial intelligence breakthrough. This, we thought, was the point where machines started to be able to use intuition – to think like we do. Since then, however, other news stories have shown that we still have a long way to

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Death of the Cowboy Recruiter

Why recruitment is no longer a numbers game In the modern age of recruitment everything is becoming quicker and more efficient. Candidates are easier to search for and more accessible than ever before, everyone who you could ever want to contact has an online presence, and CV’s

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Thoughts About VR (by a Normal Person)

Virtual Reality (VR) is set to take the world by storm in 2016, with a load of new products hitting the shelves from this spring onward. With a multitude of VR options to choose from, I decided that it would be worth giving the thoughts of a

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Live Like an AI

It’s pretty hard not to have heard the recent news about Google’s AlphaGo AI beating Lee Sedol at the Chinese board game, Go. It’s a huge step forward in AI research because Go is not a game that can be cracked through pure calculating power. Unlike chess,

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It Starts With People

Having a great idea for a business isn’t enough to guarantee that you’ll have a great business. Even taking that idea and incorporating it into a great businessplan still isn’t enough to guarantee that you’ll have a great business. The good news is that the factor that

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The Hackathon: Digital Aid for Refugees

It’s fast approaching that time of year of peace on earth and goodwill to all of men, when it’s good to give a little time and thought for others and feel all warm and fuzzy inside for doing so. So it was great this weekend for me

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A Simples Route to Success

There aren’t many people in the UK who haven’t come across Aleksandr Orlov, which perhaps isn’t surprising, given his wealth, eccentricity and remarkable family history. What is of interest, however, is that he’s fictional. And a meerkat. What is it about Compare the Market’s meerkat ad campaign

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Designers in Demand: Why the fight for design talent is hotting up

As a recruitment company in the digital space, over the last year we’ve had an increasing amount of requests for certain types of designers, with terminology that until fairly recently was quite unfamiliar to us. Unless you work in design, you may not be accustomed with terms

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Does your career need a spell at a start-up?

Have you ever considered working for a start-up?  Some opportunities to jump into an early stage company might not be as risky as you first think and might just be what you need to experience… The place we reach in our minds where we consider new job

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Mobile Payments – Apple’s Next Big Win?

In the tech world speed and ease of use is king and it seems that every new digital product is something that is going to shave a couple of seconds or minutes off our everyday task. Mobile Payments is a term a lot of us will have

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